5 Things That Didn’t Work In 2010
February 21, 2011

Looking back on 2010, there were some things in the garden that didn’t work so well:

1. Guerilla gardening. Remember this? Yes. It got thrown out two weeks later. Anyway: I’ll try some guerilla gardening again this year! I got a primrose gifted last week and I’m looking forward to planting it outside when it’s done blooming and the weather right.

2. Underplanting tomatoes: Epic fail. I underplanted my tomatoes with basil, marigold and begonia and none of them continued to grow. They just stopped. ’till I threw them out, like, 5 months later. I’m not gonna try it again.

3. Leaving dead leaves on the soil. What might work in a garden in the ground in this case doesn’t work for container gardening at all: There are no worms or bugs to decompost dead leaves, so they just stay on top of the soil, keep moisture and hence are perfect for any kind of soil born diseases: mold, fungi, you name it.

4. Keeping the oleander pest-free. Didn’t work this winter – again. Spider mites infested my baby once more and it looks pathetic now.

5. Overwintering herbs outside. Well, now I can tell that most – if not all – of them are dead. I tried to leave them outside because I know that they’ll only get ugly and leggy inside. Although I put them to the window sill (outside) where it’s the warmest, when the temperatures hit -10°C, they must have froven through. Well, it was worth a try.

I’m reviving thig blog – so stay tuned for more!


Harvest Monday Week 38
September 27, 2010

Thank you Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday!

Last week was just… terrible! I had so much work and couldn’t catch up with all your comments. I couldn’t even catch up with harvesting… I’m trying to answer comments asap and comment on your blog as well, bear with me guys!

The harvest is red and green this week. I had to break down 1.5 tomato plants yesterday. They were literally eaten up by white flies, spider mites and cracking from the rain we had during the last weeks. I took the green tomatoes inside, I’ll weigh and include them into the tally as soon as they ripen. They might ripen faster on the counter than they would on the vines, because it’s warmer at night. I also harvested many Tumbling Tom tomatoes green, because they just drop off as soon as they change color – and fall over the railing, never to be seen again.

Mung bean sprouts

More sprouts and micro greens are to be harvested this week. Look forward to nice shades of green during the winter!

Harvest in numbers:

Hot peppers: 398 fruits, 1286 g = 45 oz = 2,8 lbs

Tomatoes: 157 fruits, 2585 g = 91 oz = 5,7 lbs

Sprouts: 62 g = 2 oz

About 3,93 kg / 8,7 lbs by now!

Harvest Monday Week 37
September 20, 2010

Thanks to Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday!

I was away last week for a few days, so there were bigger, but fewer harvests. The hot peppers are at their peak. I think from now on everything will ripen slowlyer. The Venus von Willendorf pepper (NOT hot!) is having a hiatus, while I got a wave of fish peppers. Time for the plant portraits, isn’t it? I’m mostly drying the peppers now, but will try to make pickles. I’ve never made pickles before.

The tomatoes are mostly on their way out. They are still producing, but less. Tumbling Tom is a disappointment so far, the fruits took forever to ripen, the taste is okay, but not great, and there are only about 5 fruits ripening per week. The cherry tomatoes are still my favourites. Even now, they are reliably ripening and taste very good!

I also started my “fall garden”, which consists of mircogreens, sprouts (indoors) and cress (outdoors). I’ll include these into the tally from now on.

The eggplant failed again twice to set fruit – it has now lost 4 blossoms. Dad’s comment: “Yes, they sometimes do that. Means that somethings missing, fertilizer or light or so.”

Anyway, this weeks harvest begins with wheat sprouts:

I have an almost infinite supply of wheat and rye. I bought the grains once to use them as rice subsitutes but they have to be cooked forever and will be still hard. So I’m sprouting them! Wheat tastes sweet and buttery. Then I went away for a few days, when I came back, I harvested this:

Clockwise: Tumbling Tom tomatoes, Red Mushroom peppers, Cherrybomb and Tennessee Tear Drop peppers, Venus von Willendorf peppers, Fish peppers, Riot peppers, cherry tomatoes. And a tiny harvest today because I overlooked some fruits yesterday:

Harvest in numbers:

Hot peppers: 331 fruits, 1077 g = 38,5 oz = 2,4 lbs

Tomatoes: 144 fruits, 2417 g = 86 oz = 5,3 lbs

Sprouts: 22 g = 0,8 oz

About 7,8 lbs by now!

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day September 2010
September 15, 2010

It’s Wordless Wednesday as well, so please enjoy:

Harvest Monday week 36
September 13, 2010

It’s Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions!

More nice shades of red this week with two “firsts”:

Peppers and the first Tumbling Tom tomato! + 8 cherry toms, eaten before pictured

Lots of peppers!

Cherry toms

The first Red Mushroom peppers! Plus one "Cuore di bue from Lampedusa" tomato not pictured. It was picked green and left to ripen on the counter

Harvest in numbers:

Hot peppers: 279 fruits, 890 g = 31,7 oz = almost 2 lbs

Tomatoes: 128 fruits, 2254 g = 80,5 oz = 5 lbs

About 3,15 kg / 7 lbs by now!

This week’s harvest
September 6, 2010

The tomatoes are coming in at a steady pace again after a small hiatus during the last two weeks. I’m very happy with the production of the cherry tomato plant – and with the taste! The beautiful, pinkish Italian heirlooms “Coure di bue from Lampedusa” (as I call them) are producing the biggest tomatoes. They taste great! The oval tomatoes are coming in just one by one, the fruits are rather small. Not so happy with them, neither with the striped tomatoes, they’ve failed to produce since July. I might throw them out very soon. The red round ones are on a hiatus, but there are still some fruits on the plant, so I’m hopeful. I’m also awaiting the first “Tumbling Tom” tomato this week.

Harvest from 30th August, a substitute for yesterday's harvest. I ate it before I remembered to take a picture

I’m really, really content with the hot peppers. They come in reliably at a steady pace. Only two kinds haven’t ripened by now: red cheese and red mushroom. Especially “Riot” is producing great. They are the classic, thin, long hot peppers. I dry them in a kind of Ristra. Many “Fish pepper” plants are on their way out due to spider mites (?), but I don’t really mind, they’ve produced well and taste nice when green too. Overall I’m surprised by how well the hot peppers are doing!

Today's harvest with some marigolds

I harvest two or three colanders like the above every week. Besides the peppers and toms I harvest a lot of marigolds (for tea) and some herbs like basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon basil, scented pelargonium, mint. I don’t weigh them – maybe next year! I’m still waiting for my first egg plant. Two flowers broke off, the third seems to be pollinated successfully – I just want one fruit, that would really be enough, I just want to prove it’s possible. Keep your fingers crossed!

Harvest in numbers:

Hot peppers: 210 fruits, 645 g = 23 oz = 1.4 lbs

Tomatoes: 104 fruits, 1940 g = 69 oz = 4.3 lbs

More than 2,5 kg / 5.7 lbs by now (if I calculated it right).

I’m participating for the first time in Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions! Thank you for inventing this great day!