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Harvest Week 39
October 5, 2010

Thanks for Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday!

As expected, last week was very stressful! But I can provide you with some good news: I now have a 5-hour-job at my university’s writing center (this position is especially for students), plus an additional 3 hours of teaching. The jobs will end by the beginning of February, but I expect for the summer term the job at the writing center again plus another hour of teaching. My boss even promised me the job until the end of my MA degree, but I don’t count on it. But the summer term job is already confirmed. Together with my proofreading jobs this will get me enough money to finish my degree and have a little luxury item here and there – and by luxery I mean plants!!! I have a big plan… more on that in another post!

More good news: My parents bought me a dehydrator! Wooohooo! I use it mainly for drying hot peppers, but threw in some tomatoes and pears as well. I’m not very fond of raw pears, but the dried ones are delicious!

And the last good news: Tomorrow is the vernissage of a students’ exhibition in which I participated. I’ll post some pictures.

And some bad news: I got ill last week and still have a little cold – so not much outdoor time for me. What a pity, because autumn is starting, which means: berries, nuts and fruits. Anyway, this weeks harvest includes a “first”, and some sprouts are missing:

The last first of the season: "Red cheese peppers"

The usual shades of red with some green

I’m impressed with how well the last week picked green tomatoes ripened, and they made the tally increase a lot!

Hot peppers: 443 fruits, 1560 g = 55 oz = 3,4 lbs

Tomatoes: 186 fruits, 3309 g = 116 oz = 7,3 lbs

Sprouts: 107 g = 3,7 oz

About 4,97 kg / 10,9 lbs by now!