Goji and Oleander seeds germinating

On August 29th I sowed some Goji berry and Oleander seeds. I prepared the Goji berries  according to Sheryl’s instructions. They germinated within three days.

Goji berries germinating

Goji berries germinating

The Oleander seeds were picked by myself in february in the wonderful city of Bologna/Italy. I spent the winter term there and went by a nice Oleander shrub every day on my way to university. I observed it closely as it went through the changing seasons: From some green pods in october to the first snow on the drying, red-brown pods in december until the pods opened in february and released the beautiful, fluffy, hairy, brown seeds. My dad visited me during the last week of my stay and we picked them together. I have no idea what color the blossoms were. We just picked the pods that looked good – thick, dry and slightly opened. If you want to start oleander from seeds, I’d just advise you to do the same – still closed pods might not be ripe. When I came back home from the exchange term, my own oleander had produced seeds as well.


My oleander - salmon colored blossoms are hard to find here

There were three or four pods and all but one opened. I dried all pods – “Italian” and “mine” – for another few days, the seeds came basically out by themselves when they were completely dry. I scraped them out and stored them in a jar for later, all seeds mixed together – surprise me!, I said to them. I think I got about 1000 seeds out of 10-15 pods. I wanted to make sure I’d have enough seeds to experiment. Except for the seeds from my own oleander, all were exposed to snow and freeze. I figured that the seeds would need light for germination, so I prepared the soil (normal potting mix, but seed starting mix might be better) and just put the seeds on top, uncovered. I watered well and put a lid on the pot to simulate greenhouse conditions. I lifted the lid after a few days for some hours to prevent the seeds and soil from molding. I have to say that I was skeptic about whether the seeds would germinate at all. I read many different opinions in forums, they ranged from “Didn’t germinate at all” and “Germinated after weeks/months” to “Germinated right away”. So I didn’t know what to expect. But now that I’ve spotted the first little seedling, I know: It’s gonna work! I am soooo happy!

Oleander seed germinating

You have to look closely, but it's definitly there

BTW: It will take another three years before this little seedling will bloom for the very first time – and only by then I will know the color!


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  1. I want to grow Goji berries – I’ll wait to hear how they turn out from seeds!

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