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New roommates
May 24, 2010

Once upon a time, two lady bugs found their way onto my balcony. One of them vanished the next day, but the other one stuck around quite a long time. I transferred it from one aphid infested plant to another, and trust me, it had some good meals out there. After some time this lady bug vanished as well.

Today I realized that my lavender in heavily infested by aphids. Who thought lavenders are resistent to aphids? Think again. They enjoyed it and must have been there for quite some time, but just on the back side of the plant (the side facing the wall), so I didn’t spot them earlier. After some brushing of I took the plant to the shower, where masses of aphids came off. I left the plant and did some cleaning on the balcony. As I sat by the table for a break, some gross black bug appeared on my leg. I panicked, of course. As I filled the watering can, I saw another of these bugs swimming there. And suddenly it hit me: lady bug larva! I rescued it and put it immeadiatly onto the lavender. Then I searched the balcony for the other larva, found it and put it on the lavender (showering only got part of the aphids) as well! There they are, munching happily.


Dear weather god
May 18, 2010

The weather really isn’t fun. It’s been messing around for whole may now: It’s cold and getting colder every day, as far as I can tell. Plus since a week we’ve got heavy northern wind which causes terrible headache, at least with me. The plants on the balcony are in a unpleasant situation: Wind bothers them and dries out the soil, at the same time it’s too cold for them to grow or to at least open their buds…I’m worried about my peppers and keep checking on them, they are quite exposed to the wind. But an end is in sight, the wind shall slow down from tomorrow on and temperatures might finally increase again by the weekend! More updates then (hopefully).

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day
May 16, 2010

My very first Bloom Day and I’m already late – I blame T. Enjoy the photos anyway!

On saturday the weather was quite poor – today as well and tomorrow won’t be any different…for the last two or three weeks the weather was just terrible – cold, stormy, rainy, cloudy. The temperatures dropped to about 10-15°C, but the wind makes it feel even colder…please, let the summer finally begin!

Nursery and Guerilla Gardening – The Storys continue
May 14, 2010

I’d like to give you an update on the nursery search: Last week we went out to buy some stuff and came across a nursery close to a cemetery. It looked very nice, open greenhouses with decorations and some people were working on the plants. One asked us if he could help and I asked for tomato plants. He showed me some, but they were just usual ones, so I asked for more unusual varieties, which he hadn’t. But he gave me the tip to go to a certain nursery expecially for vegetable plants, that usually has a lot of varieties. I knew the nursery, because I used to work at a radio station near it. We went there and found an older woman and a young one, who was obviously just visiting. I guess the older woman was the mother of the owner. The owner himself was working somewhere in the greenhouses. The woman helped me to choose varieties especially for balcony gardens. She told me it would be better to choose plants with smaller fruits, that are more prolific. I should keep in mind that they might not produce as much as in a garden plot, so it would be important not to choose varieties that have big, but few fruits. I went home with four plants, not tagged, but if I remember correctly they are supposed to be one cocktail tomato, one red and small, one red, small, but pear-shaped and one striped red and yellow. Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the varieties. With these four plants and some italian heirlooms that I’ll receive from my bf’s mother I should have enough! I’m still trying to figure out how to plants the tomatoes and with what to underplant them…

That was the positive update, now the negative: My guerilla gardening plant was ripped out by the “gardeners” who did some weeding in the rose beds. A primrose, ripped out like weed. I was very sad… I couldn’t take a photo of it yet, but it looks basically like the other picture I took, just without the primrose. A cigarette is laying were the primrose once was. You think that looks better?