A disappointing visit at the nursery

Yesterday the local nurseries celebrated an “open day”, where they opened their greenhouses and made some special offers. I persuaded my boyfriend to drive to a nursery a bit farther away, because according to their website, they had some special herbs (like ginger mint) and good offers. Well, we came there and the herb table consisted mainly of the usual suspects: sage, chives, mint, thyme, but no special varieties. So we took a look at the greenhouses where all the bed and balcony flowers were growing, like begonias and stuff, really nothing special. So I asked the girl there for some vegetable plants, especially egg plants and chili. She said they’d only have the normal egg plants, no variety. Then she said that it would be still too cold outside for the plants, and she didn’t really get it when I tried to explain that I have a so called loggia where plants are protected. And she said that I could grow anything in containers and wouldn’t have to look for a special variety (well, theoretically maybe, but practically…). Then I asked for chilis, she looked for the hot ones (and “hotter than hot chili” as she said, whatever that might be) and came back to tell me that their plants were still too small to sell, plus they only had two varieties, hot and not so hot. I asked for the name of the varieties, but she had no idea. So we went away.

I really need to find a good nursery. I usually go to the garden center, but I’m not happy with the fact that their plants are just transported there from god knows where. They don’t grow they, they just sell them. But at least they have more than always the same ole same ole. I understand that nurseries have to live of something and try to go the safe way with growing the same stuff every year, but isn’t that kinda boring? And do people really want that? I personally don’t. I mean, if you want just the same boring egg plant, you could as well go to the supermarket and buy it. The vegetable I mean, not the plant, because there is no point in growing something that you can get way cheaper and easier at every supermarket. To me, one of the funs of growing plants is to try new, unusual varieties, that might have a lot of advantages compared to the old ones. I don’t get why nurseries (I mean not every, but probably a lot) don’t see this niche and jump in. What’s the point in growing two kind of peppers, one hot, one not, every year, when you could instead grow red, yellow, black, purple, striped, white, green ones, that are hot, fruity, juicy, tasty, mild, spicy etc. and long, tiny, round, squeezed, huge, short etc.?


2 Responses

  1. Kathi–What city do you live in? I’m sure that between the LOTB readers on Twitter and Facebook we can track down a good nursery near you.

  2. Dear Fern, I actually live in Austria, Central Europe. Have you got some readers from over here? Anyway, I’ve found a better nursery (for vegetables). The tomatoes I bought (for a very fair price) are developing great!

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