Guerilla gardening

It was time. It was night. 10 p.m. The little primrose had been waiting on my windowsill for weeks to get out. I put it into a black bag, together with a small scoop, a bottle of water and some horn meal in a plastic bag. I wore a black jacket and put the hood on. I went just outside of my building. In the darkness of the night I tried to find the right place for the primrose. I tried it on the back side, where I could see it when I look down from the balcony. But on this side are many balconies and when a guy stepped on his balcony on the first floor to smoke a cigarette, I panicked and went on. Then I found the perfect place: To the left of the entrance. Nobody could spot me, all windows were dark, the other buildings far away. The soil was easy to dig. I made a hole, put some horn meal in it, took the primrose out of its pot and into the hole. I closed it and watered. The whole intervention took about 3 minutes.

On the picture I took the next day you can see the details: I planted the primrose into a rose bed. There are some rose beds in our apartment complex. I think roses can be beautiful, but they need to be very well maintained. Two times a year some cutting and weeding isn’t enough. Plus they bloom about two weeks a year, then the beauty is over. As you can see, the soil is not very good as well, there are many stones. Plus weeds grow into the bed and the edging is falling apart. Weeds on the sidewalk and garbage complete the picture. Enough reasons to do some gardening here. The place is very exposed and basically everybody who walks by can see the primrose. But I wonder how many people actually notice it. I can easily go there to water it at night (not necassary right now, it’s raining). The horn meal should provide fertilizer for the next few month, next year I can easily add new.

Since I did the guerilla gardening on a land that I pay for it’s not really guerilla. I’m not sure about whether it’s really my land or I just pay a kind of fee for it’s maintenance. But anyway, I can as well maintain it myself.

I’m planning to do some more guerilla gardening and will keep you posted.


3 Responses

  1. Find das grandios-super; mehr Guerilla!
    Bin gern dabei das nächste Mal!

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