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Dear readers,

this is it. My try to get a beautiful, relaxing, yet useful nice mediterranean balcony garden in 2010. To be exact, it’s not a balcony, it’s a loggia, that’s a balcony closed in with walls from 5 sides. That might make the whole thing a little bit more difficult, because except for one advantage (no neighbor can see what you do) to me it has only disadvantages, like less light, a ugly wood railing, a feeling of being closed in etc. I might come back to that.

Anyway, that won’t keep me from growing what I want. I’ll try edibles and ornamentals. The seeds are already started, waiting for the last frost date, which is the 15 may, I’m in a hardiness zone 6 and the balcony faces west. Less than ideal conditions? We’ll see.

As i mentioned, the plan is having a mediterranean or south-american styled balcony, but form follows function, so the fancy looking pots will come when I have money for them. And for I am a student on a budget, plants will have to do the job in the meantime. Plus the balcony garden should be as “green” as possible: organicly grown stuff with organic fertilizers and as much recycled materials as possible. I should mention that I’m in no way a professional and most I know about plants I know from books. So we’ll see how much of it I can apply. Happy gardening!


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